"Sento che un nuovo raggio di sole ed insieme d'amore è già qui su di me, su di me!"
“Quando l’inverno ti prese con sé e la tua mente gelò…”
I think that the first line of the song "Musica insieme" (Music together) coud be suitable to sinthetize our story and its beginning: it was as sudden and dramatic as a short new on the daily newspaper, in January, 1998: Nico had got a bad car accident and he was in a choma in an hospital in Florence. We started immediately to look for news regarding him, we would have liked to do something more for him, for being near him almost with a thought or a prayer, but the newspapers of the following days didn't give any new more...What could we do? We thought at a forum on-line on a powewrful and known search engine: "How is Nico Di Palo?"
If somebody could give news about the singer and guitar player of New Trolls, they should have communicate these news to the others in the forum.
Nico came back to his music in summer 1998, with visible signs of the accident: anyway his courage and great wishing to sing and play had helped him like a miracle.
People who met him during the Mito New Trolls summer tour told the friends of the forum on-line that he was finally better, he had started to sing again, giving everybody the lesson of a great courage and humility.
The contacts between the "net-friends" who had met on the forum on-line became more frequent: messages and e-mail filled everyday the mail-boxes of the few people who knew each other, even if they hadn't met yet: what about a web site? At the end, we only needed a PC, a modem and a telephone: everybody was friendly and liked the music of New Trolls.
Since 2001, when our site has been in the web, the net-friends have become a great number: wonderful people in their simple friendship. A lot of them had already met "over the web", wishing to meet the other net-friends, because we think that there is something more than music that make of us a beautiful group of friends.