Sometimes you go around, looking for a face: at the end, you always meet many…And many interesting stories, worth to be told with their words, colours, images. We want to tell you a story made of music: sweeping and broken as a rock under the thunderstorm; warm and sweet: each time you meet its notes, it awakens a hidden feeling, a memory you believed lost... Music bends your fingers and trains them for war and caresses, exploding notes and ideas and coming back together for new five-line staves...right as the kaleidoscopes you bought at the fair when you were a child...
Music tells this story better than our words, images and projects: but everything in this story has its roots in our hearts.
Thanks to the New Trolls for each beautiful moment we have got from their wonderful music and voices; thanks to our friends and their true friendship: everyday they help us to go on with our work and make it better. We don't forget any experience because everyone has helped us to grow up. Different notes and rhythms make each new music.
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