We receive everyday lots of mails: our friends wish to know about Nico, after his bad car accident in 1998; we are glad to communicate that Nico is well, now! At the moment he is involved in his job and in many other projects. He greets you all and thank-you for friendship and love that you showed him during his difficult moments.

Our Net-club is a really active club and, at the same time, is more than a fan-club. In the latest years we have become a point of reference for New Trolls, and they are always pleased to call us with them in their important moments, such as TV shows. Often our activities over the web are...”on air” in the most popular TV shows: “La vita in siretta”, live concerts in “Video Italia”, “Sembra ieri...”

NEW TROLLS Net-club on TV!

There also were in the studios our friends from the fan-club “Quelli come noi”, Cologno Monzese (MI), singing with the "Mito New Trolls" and proposing the story of their music, by showing their hits’ covers.

Ricky Belloni, guitar player of the band, says: “We know each other like a big family; every evening we can see someone from New Trolls Net-club at our concerts”. So we can say that...were New Trolls play, you can always find a net-friend!

ON STAGE WITH “Il Mito New Trolls”

Since July, 2002, during the live concerts by “Il Mito New Trolls” our site’s banner is exposed on the stage like a visible sign of friendship and collaboration. The banner significates our presence on the stage next to the New Trolls. The NT Net-club is now a strong point of reference for a contact between the band and their fans: New Trolls are always ready to accept proposals and suggestions from their public, for making music together everyday!
On February 21, 2002, the “Mito New Trolls” playied on TV “Retequattro”, from Cologno Monzese, Milan. The public of the show was mostly formed by “net-friends”, with the presence of our vice-president and webmaster Roberto!